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Offers a wide range of services to our customers.

Ro-RO / Barge Services

  •   Strategic tie up with a major river barge operator having own barge & tugs upto 1500 MT.
  •   Barge service offered between Calcutta / Haldia to any destinations using Ganges,
    Bramhaputra and their tributaries.
  •   Expertise in construction of temporary / permanent jetty for normal or Ro-Ro operation.
  •   Cargo receiving, packing and lashing on board.
  •   Well conversant onto Indo-Bangladesh protocol for movement of barge.

Exhibition Services

Fairs and Events organizers and exhibitors have specific logistics needs. Very often there are multiple stops on tight shipment schedules. You need experienced logistics professionals who understand the requirements for safe and reliable transfer of exhibits, instruments, oversized and fragile goods and props from one destination to another. Seairo is experienced and ready to facilitate global rollouts, multi-market tours, simultaneous product launches and major presentations. We have specialized expertise in the aerospace and defense, machinery, semiconductor, oil & gas, food & hospitality and automotive industries.

Exhibition logistics involves total logistics support for trade fair organizers and exhibitors to ensure that the exhibits are delivered to the booth, on time and in perfect condition when the show opens. Custom clearance, government permits for special cargoes, temporary import etc must be in place, and when the cargo arrives, transfer from Airport or Seaport as well as unpacking must be in the hands of experienced professionals. Seairo’s comprehensive service package includes:

  •   Consulting and Planning
  •   Exhibits Management
  •   Promotional Material Handling
  •   Temporary Office Set-up
  •   Storage Prior to Exhibition
  •   Delivery to Exhibition Site
  •   On-site Handling at Exhibition Site
  •   Storage of Empty Cases During Show Period
  •   Repacking and Delivery to Next Destination
  •   Transshipment by Sea or Air

No matter where you are exhibiting, Seairo Fairs & Events experts already know the venue access points and site constraints and special restrictions ensuring that your move-in runs smoothly and on schedule. You can have peace of mind knowing that all your logistics problems will be handled professionally. Leave the planning, coordination with the exhibition organizer and venue operator and your display contracting to Seairo. We know all the major exhibition venues in the world and have already moved most kinds of exhibits and displays in and out of these venues.

With Seairo’s single-point-of-contact approach, a dedicated manager is assigned to each shipment. Our experts guarantee global and local expertise on site, to help you handle the most stringent and time-sensitive shows seamlessly. With our 24/7 online tracking and tracing system, you will be kept informed each step of the process. Our reputation as a premier, world-class exhibition forwarding specialist is affirmed in our yearly official appointments for major trade fairs, exhibitions and events around the world.


Event Services

Whether you are staging a musical performance, concert, play, or art festival; showcasing products in a road show, organizing an auction, motor sports or sporting event, Seairo can provide customized, complete door-to-door logistics solutions. We understand the need for extraordinary care, precision timing and close attention to every detail pertaining to the success of any event. We offer customers peace of mind coupled with the flexibility to deploy our experts and materials to any location in the world within a few days notice.

Events logistics involves the handling of shipments related to the performing arts and events. This includes the shipping and handling of equipment, props and costumes for musicals, concerts, plays, symphonies and art festivals. Our comprehensive service package includes:

  •   Efficient, cost-saving logistics planning
  •   Completion of temporary or final customs clearance
  •   Storage and transportation to venues
  •   Freight management and delivery coordination
  •   Transport & event insurance coverage
  •   Packing, unpacking, positioning and installation
  •   Door-to-door delivery

No matter where you are staging your performance or event, our experts already know the access points, venues and special restrictions ensuring that your set up runs smoothly and on time. You can have peace of mind knowing that all your logistics problems are being handled professionally.

With our single-point-of-contact approach, you will have a dedicated manager for each project. Our experts guarantee global and local expertise on site, to help you seamlessly handle your time-sensitive shows. With our 24/7 online tracking and tracing system, you will be kept informed each step of the process.

Our reputation as a premier, world-class event logistics specialist is affirmed by our official appointment to handle some of the most renowned international productions and performances.


Fine Arts Services

Whether you are a collector, an impresario, an auctioneer, a gallery owner, a museum curator or an artist – you should never lose sleep over freight deliveries. At Seairo, we know the power and value of the arts. Like you, we understand that nothing short of spotless handling and respectful treatment is appropriate for the arts. When you place your precious works of arts and priceless collections in our skilled hands, they will arrive in the exact condition as they were prior to shipment. And they will arrive swiftly. Discreetly. At the right place and the right time.

Visual & Fine Arts services involves total logistics movement of fragile, valuable and priceless art pieces to parks, buildings, hotels, museums, art galleries and private collectors around the world. Each piece is packed with top quality and custom-designed packing materials and handled with utmost care and respect. Seairo’s comprehensive service package includes:

  •   Project Management
  •   Professional Installation
  •   Climate-controlled Warehousing
  •   “Air-ride” Transportation
  • Museum-Standard Specialized Art Packing and Crating
  •   Insurance Coverage
  •   Temporary Import and Re-Export Clearance
  •   State-of-the-art Security Measures

Service is what makes the Seairo difference. You can comfortably leave all the planning and coordination of your shipment to us. We will arrange the transportation, rigging and installation of any art work in any location indoor or outdoor. With Seairo’s team of well-trained, experienced and dedicated staff, you are assured of the highest level of service. Seairo’s operational flexibility enables us to move individual works of arts with the care as if they are our very own. For Seairo, no detail is too small and no effort is too great.

Our reputation as a premier, world-class specialized visual and fine arts expert is affirmed in our official appointments for major art exhibitions around the world.


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